These Boots and all that!!



Make Do Sewing Shoes


This is a little project I have recently finished. I was given this pair of Hotter shoes but really didn't like the original colour, so decided to paint them.

I removed the original coating with pure acetone, it took a couple of goes as i didn't get enough acetone first time. Once I had the original coating off I masked up the edges and then applied one coat of the colour, then a second coat, then a coat of finisher. Finally I removed the masking tape and gave them a polish with a clear shoe polish.

I'm really pleased with how they've turned out, for the first time I've ever painted shoes! And I now have a pair of shoes I am happy to wear


Original shoes
Original coat partially removed
Original coat fully removed
New colour and finisher
Masked up on the outside...
... and on the inside
1st coat of paint
1st coat of paint
2nd coat of paint
2nd coat of paint
Finish coat applied
Finish coat applied
All polished and finished
and ready to wear