A Stitch in Time

Make Do Sewing Shoes


The Boss has always sewn, with varying degrees of success as she is self taught. When we began our 1940's reenactment we quickly realised that neither of us were vintage sized - we visited a vintage fair and were very disappointed that nothing would fit us. So we concluded that our best course of action was to make our own clothes for reenactment.

The first thing we did was research to see if we could get reproduction vintage patterns.

There are several reproduction sewing patterns produced by companies such as Simplicity, Burda, Butterick, etc. It is worth bearing in mind that modern patterns are sized for modern people, whereas genuine vintage patterns are very small compared to today's sizes. For example, a vintage size 12 would be more of a size 6 or 8 in todays sizes. Go by the measurements on the pattern, not the 'off the shelf' finished size as different companies have different measurements.

Just click the image of the pattern to jump to the Sellers Website.

Here are some of the patterns I've made.

Simplicity - Simplicity often have a half price sales, so it's worth checking the website or their facebook page.

This pattern was difficult to get hold of, and the finished result isn't too great - the V at the back of the trouser is too wide, and the legs hang strangely, and the pockets are weird. No link to this pattern I'm afraid






Here are some of the other patterns we bought but not yet made.