Do .......

Your research, and that means reading actual books, and looking at photos from the time period. If you do your research, and still get it wrong, at least you tried, and no one will have a go, and will offer advice if you ask for it.

Find your own particular area of interest, as this will direct your research more clearly. This could be the Auxiliaries, the Home Guard, the Wardens, the WAAF, the Land Army, the WI, Housewives, Bomb Disposal, the WVS, the French Resistance, a particular regiment, etc etc.

Get the details right. No point in having a fantastic dress, brooch, cardigan, hat, gloves if you have an obviouly modern handbag, it just jars. If in doubt, leave it out.

Think of your reenactment outfit as CLOTHES - you're not wearing a costume, you are wearing clothes, like peole would have done back in day. The lady of the house wears a lot of her stuff everyday for work, but it's the details (hat, shoes, broch, gloves, gasmask, handbag, shoes, make up etc etc) that make the ensemble 1940's.

ENJOY reenacting! We do it because we like it and it's fun, and different to our everyday working life. We aspire to be historically perfect of course, but we are all at different stages, and there will always be more that we can do to make our reenactment better. The next step for example is getting some period style specs for the Boss - She feels a bit awkward still wearing modern specs, but she needs to see where she's going! And doesn't get on with contact lenses very well. The people you meet at 1940's events are so welcoming, a good sociable bunch of folks. For me it's the people that make this such a great hobby.




Things you should try to do, if you can.