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Make Do Sewing Shoes


Supplies were short so people couldn't just go to the shops and buy a replacement item if something wore out. Clothes were rationed, so if a new garment was needed, you had to save up your coupons. Socks and stockings were darned, clothes were patched and repaired, clothes were made at home, clothes for children were cut down from adult clothing, ladies made alterations to old garments to give them a new lease of life. People became very inventive, and fabrics for ladies dresses tended to be made from densely patterned fabrics, to avoid the need for pattern matching, and therefore saving fabric.

Utility clothing was introduced, to standardise the fabric quality and ensure that the basic needswere met. The branding used on utility clothing was CC41, and these days CC41 branded garments are sought after and are expensive - not bad for items that were meant to be simple basics!