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We decided to put together this website to record our Re-enactment activities.

These pages are about our ventures into 1940's reenactment.

We try our best to portray everyday people throughout the Second World War;

Military -
2nd Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment
British Auxiliary (British Resistance)
Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS)

Civilian -
Forces Francais de l'Intereur (FFI - French Resistance)
British Civilian

1940's events are very popular these days. Lots of people go to 1940's events dressed up, and lots of people reenact, either as individuals or as part of a reenactment group. These pages are for those people who wish to reenact, and are new to reenactment. Our intention with this website is to share our experiences and give advice and helpful hints.

If you've never come across historical reenactment before, you have missed a treat. If you can think of an historical era, there is probably a reenactment group or society that covers it - Romans, Vikings, Napoleonic, Medieval, Civil War, Victorian, Edwardian, World War One, World War Two, you name it, there'll be a group of enthusiasts that portray the era. The common thread with all reenactment groups is the desire to be as authentic as possible, which means hours of research, getting the clothing correct, the right cloth, correct colours for garments, the right accessories and equipment. Meticulous and detailed work!

Reenactment is fun, we enjoy getting away from our everyday lives and living in a gentler, less technological era for a few hours. And the people you meet are friendly and welcoming, regardless of which era you want to portray.

Getting into reenactment is easy, all you need is the confidence to wear strange clothing in public!

On the following pages we have listed some hopefully helpful advice, some do's and don'ts, and some groups and traders we know and trust. We have also listed some resource material that we've used - it isn't a comprehensive list, just books we've bought that we've found useful. We'll also try and remember to take pictures at the various events we go to and upload them to the site, we are notoriously bad at remembering to take pictures!

Got any suggestions or just want to drop us a line?

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