She Who Must Be Obeyed


There are so many options, and so much source material for 1940's fashion. Dresses, suits, skirts, knitwear, hats and coats and gloves, all easily obtained, either genuine vintage gear if it'll fit you, or reproduction.

Shoes - beware, some genuine vintage shoes can be fragile, so treat them with respect, and don't wear them in the rain as the glue can be brittle. There are some very good reproduction shoes available, but as always, do your research to make sure your footwear is appropriate.

Hair should be well groomed, make up should be subtle, apart from well defined lips, in many shades but more commonly Victory Red - ladies were encouraged in the UK to be glamourous for the sake of 'our troops'.

There are many uniform options too, if that is what you want to portray - Land Army, WVS, WAAF, factory worker, housewife, etc - just make sure you do your research and get the details right.