About Us

We are New to 1940's Re-enactment

We are now in our seventh season as 1940's reenactors, but we are not new to historical reenactment, having been medieval reenactors for several years.

So far, so good.

We have made some mistakes in the past and bought inappropriate gear, but thankfully not that much. We promenaded for our first season and thoroughly enjoyed it, we have made loads of friends, and have become part of a very welcoming community.

We are members of the Royal Warwicks Regiment Re-enactment Group (Links on our Groups page). As members of the Group we portray either Uniformed members or our own French Resistance Section.

In our everyday lives we are a Customer Service Manager and a Software Designer.

We live in Gloucestershire so we can travel to a number of events that are at most 90 minutes drive away. We don't camp or authenti-camp.